Digital Roll Positioning

Our patented Digital Roll Positioning system allows you to precisely adjusts roll tooling, taking the guess work out of set-up.  This reduces set up time and scrap by eliminating trials runs and additional tooling adjustments.  Additionally, the simplicity and ease of use decreases operator training time while ensuring that you are producing the highest quality pipe or tube.  Options for the Digital Roll Positioning system include fully automated, push button controls, or manual adjustment.

The fully automated system uses servo motors to adjust the roll tooling after the mill operator enters the new size into the touchscreen.  Nothing else is required and the mill is ready to run.  It just doesn’t get any easier.

Using the push button control option, the mill operator adjusts the rolls at each stand using a spec sheet listing the numerical value of the rolls required position.   When the numeric readout on the roll stand matches the figure on the spec sheet, the rolls are properly set.

The manual option requires hand tools be used to adjust the rolls until the numeric readout on the roll stand matches the figure on the spec sheet.

Whatever option you choose, the Digital Roll Positioning system increase your productivity!

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