CFS Square and Rectangular Directly Forming Mill

This mill uses a direct forming section to produce square and rectangular tubing.  The benefit is that it uses one set of tooling to produce every size in the mill's range.  When equipped with automated controls, size changes are achieved in minutes simply by inputting the desired size into the control panel. The equipment does the rest.  No other manufacturer can match the O.D. size or gauge range FD Machinery has produced with a direct forming mill - squares as small as 0.787" with an 0.024" wall, and as large as 20.00" with a 0.787" wall - and that's not the limit of our capabilities.  This mill runs at speeds up to 650 feet per minute for smaller sizes and 196 feet per minute for larger sizes.  Its innovative design and ease of operation make it the most efficient square and rectangular ERW mill available today.

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